Here we go again. Another Dominion Fertility miracle, this time in a 39-year-old patient, who was told at another local fertility center that her only option to get pregnant was egg donor IVF. Well, she is now pregnant with her own egg at Dominion Fertility using Natural Cycle IVF. Have you gotten a second opinion?

In 2018, she went to another local IVF center and found her egg count to be very low (also called “decreased ovarian reserve”). Her serum FSH level was 38 and her AMH was less than 0.1. She was told to use egg donor IVF as her only option. She came to consult with me at Dominion Fertility to see if there were alternatives to consider. She had regular menstrual cycles every month, meaning that she ovulated one egg every month. So, I suggested trying Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF).

In her first cycle in November 2018 we obtained one egg but it fertilized abnormally. In her second cycle of NCIVF, we transferred one day 3 embryo without success. In her third cycle of NCIVF, a day 5 blastocyst embryo was transferred and she is now successful at 6 weeks pregnant. She stated that she was offered no hope at the other fertility center and now she is pregnant after her second embryo transfer using NCIVF. How much did Natural Cycle IVF cost for 3 attempts? Less than $14,000.

We see patients with this type of story all the time. The advantage of NCIVF is that the success rates are independent of one’s ovarian reserve. In other words, the pregnancy rates are the same regardless of one’s serum FSH, AMH or diminished ovarian reserve. The patient only needs to have a regular menstrual cycle and a normal uterus. Indeed, Dominion Fertility has treated a 47-year-old patient using NCIVF who delivered a healthy baby after her first embryo transfer! She too was told at 44 years old to use an egg donor by another IVF center.

The message here is clear. Always get a second opinion when considering in vitro fertilization. All fertility centers that perform IVF have their own approach to treating infertility. At Dominion Fertility, we offer more treatment options than most other IVF centers and I believe our experience of over 30 years matters in optimizing patient outcomes.

37 year old woman holding pregnant stomach in Dominion lobby after natural cycle ivf

Michael DiMattina, M.D.
Founder and Medical Director at Dominion Fertility