Hi, this is Dr. Michael DiMattina, Medical Director at Dominion Fertility, with some good news to those parents who have children from in vitro fertilization. A new article, just released from the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, revealed a study that showed that children conceived using IVF have the same neurodevelopment of those children who are conceived naturally. They studied children at 2 years of age, looking at their cognitive motor and language skills at 2 years of age, and fortunately, those children conceived from IVF have similar development as those who are conceived naturally. So, this is really good news and reassuring to those many millions of parents out there who have children conceived through IVF. We are very happy about this. This is in concert with other data and other studies that show similar findings. This is the most recent one today.

Dr. Michael DiMattina wishing you all the best from Dominion Fertility.