Did you have a plan to have two or more children, but don’t understand why it is taking so long to get pregnant the second time?  We refer to this as Secondary Infertility and you are not alone.  The Doctors at Dominion Fertility find this fairly common in couples that had no problems conceiving their first child.  Secondary Infertility can occur after already having children with no past infertility issues. We recommend consulting with a fertility doctor if you have been trying to conceive without contraception for 12 months or if you are older than 35 years of age and have been trying for 6 months or longer.  The reason we recommend for an evaluation sooner for a women 35 years old or greater is this is usually the time we begin to see a decrease in the quality of a woman’s eggs.

The sooner we can evaluate the better; the body can change after giving birth and often treatment could be as easy as adjusting hormone levels in the body. If you are not ready to reach out to a fertility center and need a reference of how you can optimize your fertility at home prior to a consultation, please refer to this article https://www.dominionfertility.com/blog/optimizing-your-fertility/

At Dominion Fertility, we know how hard it is to watch the age gap between your child and your desired sibling grow, so we do encourage people to reach out for a consultation.  The evaluation is very simple and will involve an ultra sound in our office, as well as a blood test.  If you have a partner, we would also recommend a semen analysis, to look at the possibility of male factor infertility.  Secondary infertility can be an unexpected shock, but we have many treatment options for you to complete your family.