Why Does Dominion Fertility Offer Natural Cycle IVF?
It Works!

Since 2007, we have made thousands of beautiful babies using both Natural and Stimulated Cycle IVF. Many of these parents were told elsewhere that they were too old or that there was no hope and to consider egg donor IVF or adoption as their only option.  Natural Cycle IVF offers hope.

Dominion Fertility offers more treatment options than most IVF centers.

At Dominion Fertility, we do not practice “one size fits all” and Natural Cycle IVF offers another treatment option for many infertile couples.  It is practiced in over 50 countries around the world and produced the world’s first IVF baby in 1978.  Dominion Fertility is the largest Natural Cycle IVF program in the United States.

The American Society of Reproductive Medicine endorses the use of Natural Cycle IVF  (2018 ASRM, Practice Committee Guidelines)

Natural Cycle IVF has always been and remains an accepted treatment option.

Who Should First Consider Natural Cycle IVF?  (NCIVF)

Almost any patient with infertility with regular menses and a normal uterus may consider NCIVF regardless of age.  To date, our oldest patient delivered a healthy normal baby at age 48 years old after her first NCIVF embryo transfer.

Patients with poor ovarian reserve, failed stimulated IVF or patients who are either afraid of ovarian stimulation drugs or cannot afford stimulated IVF are candidates.  Patients who have failed IUI or who have blocked tubes, male factor infertility or endometriosis may also consider NCIVF.  For some patients, NCIVF is their only treatment option.

Who Should First Consider Stimulated IVF?
Patients with normal or strong ovarian reserve should first consider stimulated IVF as many embryos may be produced.  Virtually all of our patients choose to have their embryos genetically tested using preimplantation genetic testing (PGT-a) for aneuploidy.

At Dominion Fertility, using PGT-a, we only transfer one genetically normal embryo, resulting in much higher pregnancy rates, fewer spontaneous abortions and a 1% twin rate.  Most of our patients achieve a successful pregnancy after only one or two embryo transfers of a single genetically normal embryo.  At Dominion Fertility, PGT-a is affordable, costing $150 per embryo plus a biopsy fee.

At Dominion Fertility, patients get the opportunity to choose more treatment options.

We believe that physicians should present the entire range of treatment options to their patients. Then patients themselves can make the decisions that are most appropriate for their particular situation.

Get your treatment team right the first time – choose Dominion Fertility.