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Why Do Patients Choose Dominion Fertility?

High Success Rates

Our pregnancy rates rank among the top infertility programs.  We routinely treat difficult infertility problems from patients who come to us from all over the world including those patients who have failed multiple treatments regardless of their age, FSH levels or ovarian reserve.  (see success rates)

Our data shows that over half of our patients less than 40 years old achieve a clinical pregnancy after only 1 or 2 stimulated IVF embryo transfers.  Most of our Ova donor IVF patients also achieve a successful pregnancy after only 1 or 2 transfers.

Our NCIVF program is the largest in the country and our staff have the most experience with this less intense and lower cost alternative to traditional IVF.

Personalized care from our physicians

Our philosophy is to provide each and every patient with individualized high quality care.  You will have your own doctor in charge of your entire care.

While we at Dominion Fertility work together as a team, we believe it is of the utmost importance that you maintain continuity with your physician throughout your care.  You will meet with your doctor for a consultation and frequently throughout the infertility workup to review results and devise a plan.  Under most circumstances your doctor will perform your egg retrieval and embryo transfer. Learn more about our individual physicians.

Personalized care from our entire staff

At Dominion Fertility, our entire staff is committed to making the process easier for you.  Our nurses will meet with you privately in person to review your plan, any medications and steps involved in your care.  You will never be part of a large group or feel like a student in a class.  Our financial representatives will meet with you one-on-one, at your convenience to discuss your individual concerns.

Outstanding Physician Experience

With over 40 years combined experience in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology, Doctors DiMattina, and Gordon have performed thousands of IVF procedures.  Furthermore, they regularly teach the medical students and Residents at the local medical schools and universities and have authored books on infertility and gynecology.

Advanced Laboratory Experience

At Dominion Fertility, the laboratory is integral to the success of your cycle.  Under the experience and leadership of our head embryologist, Dr. Gerard Celia, the laboratory has excelled in cutting edge techniques such as blastocyst culture, vitrification of eggs and embryos, biopsy of embryos for preimplantation genetic diagnosis and screening as well as pioneering our highly successful Natural Cycle IVF program.

Competitive Fees

Dominion Fertility partners with a variety of insurance plans.  For patients without insurance coverage, we offer competitive fee-for-service costs as well as an IVF Financial Guarantee program.  We routinely submit all insurance claims for our patients and try to devise a plan the works within your budget.