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If you are considering traveling from out of the country to our clinic, we provide a free consultation with our International Coordinator. You can contact them at

Our International Coordinator is a registered nurse who has worked with Dominion Fertility for over 20 years. As our International Coordinator, her job is to be the primary point of contact and support prior to your visit to the United States. During your initial consultation, she will give you an overview of your specific treatment and all information regarding how a cycle would proceed.

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Our International Coordinator Will Then Schedule Your Phone Consultation With One of Our Doctors

Following your complimentary consultation with our International Coordinator, they will provide you with the necessary paperwork and coordinate your phone consultation with one of our doctors during their normal working hours.

Your initial phone consultation with the doctor will last approximately 30 minutes. If you require more time with the doctor, our International Coordinator will be happy to schedule follow up consultations.

Please contact our International Coordinator for information on consultation fees. Such fees will be applied toward treatment if you choose to proceed with treatment at Dominion Fertility.

Complete Your New Patient Forms

To give our doctors ample time to review your medical history, please complete your new patient forms before your consultation. Additionally, please send all pertinent portions of your medical records directly to Dominion Fertility. You can email your forms to

The Next Step is a Medical Evaluation in Our Office

After your initial phone consultation, we will schedule a one day medical evaluation in our office. This will be the first appointment where you will be traveling to us.

Your medical evaluation will include several tests, which might include a sonogram, cervical cultures, an HSG, and a mock embryo transfer. The scheduling of your medical evaluation will depend upon the timing of your menstrual cycles.

If you are part of a female/male couple, the male partner might want to consider having his sperm collected and cryopreserved at this time. If a sample is frozen, the male partner will not necessarily need to return to our clinic when the IVF procedure is performed. If this is an option you would like to consider, the male partner must have STD testing completed and sent to our office before arriving for the medical evaluation. We will not be able to do the collection and cryopreservation without STD testing.

Additional consultations with our nurses, our billing department, or our psychologist Dr. Joyce Migdal may be necessary depending upon your treatment plan. When arranging for your visit to our office, our nurses will inform you if additional testing or consultations will be necessary and then assist you in making those arrangements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do any of my testing in my hometown?

Yes, though we do not recommend it. Our cutting-edge laboratory is part of what makes Dominion Fertility great. Choosing to do your testing with us helps ensure accurate and timely results.

If you choose to do some of your testing elsewhere, we are willing to work with various clinics for certain parts of your medical evaluation, but we cannot take responsibility for mistakes in testing or in the transmission of test results to our office. Additionally, all prescribed tests must be performed within three months of initial consultation with the exception of the HSG.

How long will I have to spend in Washington, DC, once I am in my treatment cycle?

Your treatment cycle will likely take place within 2 months after your initial visit to Dominion Fertility for your medical evaluation.

You will need to travel to Dominion Fertility for your final sonograms prior to your egg retrieval and embryo transfer. This process lasts about 7–10 days.

When you are medically released to leave, usually 24 hours after the procedure, you may travel back to your home.

Where is the nearest metro station to your office?

We are conveniently located a block from the Ballston Metro. for more information and helpful suggestions on planning your trip.

Dominion Fertility does not, however, provide 24-hour emergency travel assistance, nor do we make any of the travel arrangements for our patients.

What is the nearest airport to your office?

There are three airports that are availale for you to fly into.

The closest airport to our office is Reagan National Airport (DCA). It's an estimated 13 minutes away (5.44 miles) by car, without traffic. The airport has taxis available which include: Taxicabs, Metrorail, and super shuttle – (1-800-Bluevan)

The second closest airport to our office is Washington Dulles (IAD) which is an estimated 38 minutes (26.3 miles) away by car, without traffic. This airport's ground transportation includes: Washington flyer Taxi –, 703-572-TAXI or Super shuttle – (1-800-Bluevan)

The furthest airport from our office is Baltimore Washington International Airport. It's an estimated 52 minutes (37.59 miles) away by car, without traffic. This airport's ground transportation includes: BWI Taxi,, (410) 859-1100, Private Car, (410) 519-0000, and Airport Shuttle, (800) 776-0323

Do you have recommended rental car options?

There are many rental car options to choose from in our area:
Alamo – 800-462-5266
Budget – 800-527-0700
Dollar – 800-800-4000
Enterprise – 800-736-8222
Hertz – 800-654-3131
National – 800-227-7368
Thrifty – 800-367-2277

What are some of the nearest hotels?

The Hilton Arlington
950 N. Stafford St.
Arlington, VA 22203

SET Code of 343728 and identify as a DF

Hilton Arlington

950 N. Stafford Street Arlington, VA 22203


Holiday Inn-Ballston

4610 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22203

(703) 243-9800

Hilton Garden Inn Arlington Courthouse Plaza

1333 North Courthouse Road, Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 528-4444

Comfort Inn Ballston

1211 N. Glebe Rd., Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 247-3399

What are some recommended places to visit we're in the Washington D.C. area?

Because our offices are conveniently located so close to Washington D.C., we suggest you take in the some of the sights and culture of this beautiful city while you are with us.

Some websites to visit for your leisure planning needs are:

One way to easily enjoy various attractions throughout the city is to purchase tickets for the Tour mobile which allows you to ride all day while getting on and off at specific sights. Visit or call 202-554-5100 for further information.

Other Suggested Activities:
Visit the Kennedy Center for an evening of music or theater.

Take a daytime stroll through the National Zoo.

Enjoy a concert or sporting event at the downtown Verizon Center.

Visit the National Mall and Memorial Parks.

Ride the metro to a Smithsonian museum or gallery.

For information on the Metrorail system, follow this link.

Other Museums:
Spy Museum –

Newseum –

National Geographic Museum-

Explore the different neighborhoods of the city.

In nearby Georgetown, you may enjoy a relaxing stroll through the historic district, dine at a restaurant overlooking the Potomac River, or relax at a quaint sidewalk café. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you enjoy the time you spend here.

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