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Gestational Carrier IVF

We are very experienced working with gestational carrier IVF, so we are well versed in the medical, legal, psychological, and logistical coordination necessary for this process.

What is gestational carrier IVF?

A gestational carrier is someone who agrees to carry a pregnancy for another woman (or couple) because the latter has medical issues that make a successful pregnancy extremely unlikely or dangerous.

When using a gestational carrier, IVF is performed by combining your partner’s sperm and your eggs to produce your own genetic embryos. However, unlike standard IVF, these embryos are then transferred into the uterus of the gestational carrier. Pregnancy then proceeds normally for the gestational carrier.

A gestational carrier shares no genetic information with the baby she is carrying

A gestational carrier shares no genetic information with the baby she is carrying since the baby is the product of IVF using the eggs and sperm of the genetic parents.

Gestational Carrier IVF is a good option for some patients

If you have certain medical conditions, disorders of the uterus, or a history of poor pregnancy outcomes (such as preterm labor) that preclude carrying a pregnancy, you may consider using a gestational carrier.

Choosing gestational carriers

Gestational carriers are usually well known to the couple and may be relatives or friends.

There are also agencies that introduce gestational carriers to prospective patients. In such arrangements, the gestational carrier is usually compensated for her time and energy. The ideal gestational carrier is a woman who has had a previous uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery.

Screening gestational carriers

Prior to any IVF treatment, we thoroughly screen our gestational carriers according to ASRM guidelines.