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Stimulated IVF

Most of our patients achieve a successful pregnancy after only 1 or 2 embryo transfers of a single genetically normal embryo

Personalized care leads to better results

Our doctors and staff take the time to listen to you and then develop a personalized treatment and medication plan to give you the highest chance of success. Schedule your consultation today to review your options.

Personalized care and cutting-edge technologies lead to high pregnancy rates and fewer complications.

IVF is a treatment option with a high rate of success

IVF is a very successful treatment option where an egg is fertilized in a laboratory before being placed in the uterus. This procedure is often broken into two categories: stimulated (or traditional) IVF and natural cycle IVF.

IVF can treat many cases of infertility

IVF has a high success rate and can be used to treat a wide variety of reproductive issues, which means it is a good option for many patients. Ultimately, however, the decision to pursue stimulated IVF is made by you and your physician.

Procedures done in our office by doctors you know and trust

Egg collections and embryo transfers are performed in our office by doctors you know and trust—and who know you and your individual circumstances. We strive to provide a welcoming environment where you won’t feel rushed.

High pregnancy rates with fewer complications

The goal of all IVF programs is to have a high clinical pregnancy rate and a low multiple pregnancy rate. Dominion Fertility achieves these goals. We pride ourselves on our low rate of multiple pregnancies.

We achieve our success by transferring fewer embryos of higher quality to achieve a high clinical embryo implantation rate. Our IVF multiple pregnancy rate (twins) is 1%, five times lower than the national average. Fewer multiple pregnancies leads to fewer complications and more healthy babies.