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Ovulation Induction

At Dominion Fertility, we make ovulation induction safe and simple by using the fewest drugs necessary.

Ovulation Induction uses medication to induce ovulation

Ovulation induction uses various medications to induce the growth and release of a single mature egg. This is a good option for women who don’t ovulate regularly. Having irregular menstrual cycles or being diagnosed with PCOS are indicators that you are not ovulating.

Superovulation induction uses medication to induce the release of multiple eggs

Superovulation is a similar treatment, but the goal is different. Superovulation still uses medication to induce ovulation, but the goal is to induce the growth of multiple (usually three to five) follicles leading to the release of multiple eggs. This is more appropriate for women who have regular menstrual cycles.

This procedure is also done as part of a natural or stimulated IVF cycle, though the goal is to produce even more follicles than during a superovulation treatment.

Various medicines can be used for ovulation induction

If you and your doctor decide that ovulation induction is right for you, the next step is to decide which medications to use.

Letrozole (a pill) is often the fertility drug of choice for both ovulation induction and superovulation.

If a treatment with Letrozole doesn’t result in a pregnancy, injectable fertility medications (gonadotropins) might be a good option.

Both options,Letrozole and injectable fertility medications, can be combined with intrauterine insemination to increase your chances of a pregnancy.

Because every situation is different, other medications might be prescribed depending on your goals and diagnosis, especially if you have PCOS. You doctor will help you figure out which options are best for you.