April 28, 2020

Updates at Dominion Fertility

New IVF Program:

“Two for one” –  Stimulated IVF Program: 

To assist our patients during these difficult times, we are offering a 2 for one treatment package using our comprehensive stimulated IVF program.  This packaged program is incomparable and offers huge benefits for our patients.  Contact our financial counselors for specific details.

Professional Relief for Military and Medical personnel:

For active members of our military and for medical personnel we continue to offer preferred prices for our IVF programs as our way of supporting what they are doing for our country.  Contact our financial counselors for details.


This week, after almost 4 weeks of a modified schedule, we resume operations and our IVF treatment programs for our patients.  We continue to utilize social distancing with full hygiene and facial covering as before to assure your safety.

Consultations, Ovarian Monitoring and Examinations:

Consultations may occur either using telemedicine or in office at this time.  Patients now may have their pelvic sonograms and infertility evaluations completed in the Arlington office.  We expect limited operations in our Fair Oaks and Bethesda offices in about 2-3 weeks.

IVF Programs:

Patients may now begin setting up their treatments with our staff.  As you know, we pride ourselves in providing personalized care with your personal IVF coordinator and your personalized financial advisor.  No group teachings, only “one on one” care at DF.

Office Visits:

All patients should come to our office alone and must have an appointment.  No “walk in” patients will be seen.  Always call our office before coming in at 703-920-3890.  The Arlington office is open, the Fair Oaks and Bethesda offices have limited hours.  We hope to have these offices fully open over the next few weeks.

Semen Analysis:

Currently, only the Arlington office is performing semen analysis.  Call our office for an appointment.

Dominion Fertility Facebook and on-line patient support groups:

During the past several weeks DF’s Facebook continues to be most active and is full of information about infertility and our practice.  Our on-line patient support group is growing and is very active.  Please see for yourself what patients say about DF.

Corona Virus and Pregnancy:

Although limited data exists, so far it appears that Covid 19 does not cause birth defects in those pregnant women with the infection who delivered.  Pregnant women with severe respiratory Covid 19 infection are at increased risk for pre-term delivery.  Preliminary studies have failed to find the virus in the amniotic fluid or breast milk.

Dominion Fertility continues to offer the very best of high-quality personalized infertility services and we appreciate our patient’s loyalty and confidence in our care.  Always feel free to contact us. We will be there for you.

Michael DiMattina, M.D.

Founder and Medical Director, DF


April 10, 2020

Update of Operations at Dominion Fertility
As you know, Dominion Fertility’s foremost concern has always been the safety of our patients and staff. On March 17, DF ceased performing new ART cycles in response to directives and guidance to address the Coronavirus pandemic. Three weeks later, we find that many if not most IVF centers in the United States are now performing limited IVF services for their patients. Infertility is a medical disease and patients have a right to receive medical services. Dominion supports patient autonomy and patient rights to medical care. In general, we will resume services as outlined below, beginning with limited services; we anticipate phasing in additional services in May as we continue real-time monitoring of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning Tuesday, April 14:
Offices Open: Arlington
As of April 14, patients will be seen in our Arlington office only. The office will be open at 8 a.m., M-F. On Monday, April 20, the Fair Oaks office will open. The Arlington office will have limited weekend hours, beginning at 7:30 a.m. All office visits will be by appointment only. The Bethesda office will remain closed but is expected to reopen in mid-May.

Important: In order to help us control the number of persons within our offices, please do not walk into any office without calling for an appointment first!

Stimulated IVF:
As of April 14, Dominion will resume limited IVF services for women 35 years old and older. We anticipate that all patients will be able to undergo IVF around May 1. Stimulated IVF will
resume and all embryos will be cryopreserved for later transfer. Cryopreservation of all embryos has been our policy for the past several years as it has been clearly demonstrated that
frozen as compared with fresh embryo transfer results in superior implantation and pregnancy rates. Our embryologists are highly skilled and experienced in the areas of cryopreservation
and PGT.

Natural Cycle IVF:

Patients may resume Natural Cycle IVF but all embryos will be cryopreserved for later frozen thaw transfer.

Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET):

We plan to perform Frozen embryo transfers after May 1; the exact date will be determined when more data has been released by various medical sources, and evaluated.

Ovulation Induction and IUI:
Patients 35 years old and older will be eligible for ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination.

Semen Analysis:
Males will collect their semen specimens at home for semen analysis or treatment and bring the specimen to our Arlington office as directed.

Telephone consultations will continue for all new and existing patients. Please call the office and arrange your consultation.

Early morning monitoring:
Morning monitoring patients will be assigned times for their morning appointments to allow for better social distancing.
All Appointments:

Patients should expect to be evaluated for fever, and other cold or flu-like symptoms, upon arrival at the office. Patients who exhibit such symptoms may be asked to reschedule. Patients
should plan to come to our office unaccompanied. Spouses/partners may be permitted to attend portions of the appointments virtually. The CDC and DF encourage patients to wear face masks. DF is unable to provide masks at this time due to general shortages within the medical community.

Staff will follow CDC guidelines and will be masked and gloved whenever they are in direct contact with patients. Hand hygiene and antiseptics will be applied regularly to all procedure
room surfaces after each patient use. To date, no DF employee is known to have Covid-19. All employees will have their temperature taken daily. Importantly, please do not come to our clinic if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, have fever or cough. Simply call us and instructions will be provided.

Risks of Covid 19 and pregnancy:

Currently, there is no evidence that pregnant women are more susceptible to Covid 19 infections than non-pregnant women, and there is no evidence that this virus causes fetal
defects. Pregnant women with severe respiratory disease are susceptible to pre-term delivery regardless of the type of virus (including Covid-19).

Cancellation of Care:
All care is subject to cancellation as this pandemic evolves. Before treatment, patients will be counseled about the risks of Covid 19 and an informed consent treatment form must be signed by both the patient and partner (if applicable) prior to any treatment.

If you have any questions, always feel free to call our office.
Michael DiMattina, M.D.


April 3, 2020

“Studies Indicate Coronavirus No More Dangerous For Pregnant Women..” Read more on NY Times https://www.nytimes.com/article/pregnancy-coronavirus.html

April 2, 2020

RE:  Update Dominion Fertility Operations

Dear Patients:

We continue to follow the ASRM and ACOG guidelines and so we are providing phone consultations for both new and existing patients until we can resume normal operations.

During this time, always feel free to call us if you desire a consult or have any questions.  Dominion Fertility will always be here for you.  Patients who are pregnant and currently under our care will have their early pregnancy monitored by us until you are referred to your Obstetrician.

We are preparing for the many patients who will resume or begin their treatments and testing as soon as normal operations resume, hopefully sometime in early May.

We will continue to update you, and in the meantime, I would direct you to Dominion Fertility’s Face Book to see our many videos and learn more about our treatment programs and about our successes.  Always feel free to call us.

We look forward to working hard for you and achieving many more successful pregnancies.

Please stay healthy.

Michael DiMattina, M.D.

Medical Director


March 25, 2020

Latest Message from Dr. Kay Waud:

Letter from Dr. Waud


March 24, 2020

Latest Message from SART on COVID-19: A Special Message from SART Regarding COVID-19


March 23, 2020

Latest Message from ASRM on COVID-19 : ASRM


March 22, 2020

RE:  Update on Operations at Dominion Fertility

Sometimes, doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do….. At DF, we have decided to do the right thing for the health and safety of our patients, doctors and staff.

At DF, the safety and health of our patients and staff is always our top concern.

And that is why we chose a week ago to immediately implement the guidelines from the experts at ASRM and ACOG…..  to protect you and our staff.

Some fertility clinics have chosen to ignore these recommendations, rather it’s “business as usual” thereby potentially exposing their patients and staff to Covid 19 and furthering the spread of this pandemic.  Why?

DF believes that our shut down will be between 2-4 weeks, at which time we would be able to resume normal operations.  In the meantime, we are performing telemedicine, keeping in touch with our patients using phone consults.

Please, always feel free to call us.

This week we will complete treatment in those patients currently in cycle undergoing IVF treatment and cryopreserve their embryos as permitted by the ASRM.  We will monitor our existing patients who are in their early stages of pregnancy.  All other elective operations are on hold until it is safe for us to resume normal operations.

Now more than ever, we need to make good medical decisions that are best for our patients and staff.  Dominion will continue to monitor the situation in real time and update you.

Please do not come to our office if you have fever, cold or flu-like symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has the Covid 19 virus.  Simply call us and we will help you.

We profoundly appreciate your understanding, patience and commitment to DF.  We are totally committed to the highest of medical standards for our patients and to our staff.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.  We will continue with updates in real-time as they occur. And we will always maintain the highest of medical standards for you and our staff.

We can lessen the magnitude of this virus if we all unite and work together.

Michael DiMattina, M.D.

Medical Director, Dominion Fertility


March 18, 2020

Update on Operations at Dominion Fertility,

As always, our foremost concern is the health and safety of our patients. If you have any questions, always please call us. We are here to help you.

For your safety and at the recommendation of the ASRM, we have modified our operations and the following operational plan will now be effective for patients at Dominion Fertility. All patients currently in a treatment cycle may complete their treatment if they so desire.

IVF Patients:
All patients who are actively in IVF cycles and already taking injections will be allowed to complete their cycle (if they choose).
All patients undergoing Natural Cycle IVF will have their embryo cryopreserved for a later frozen thaw embryo transfer.
All patients who are currently on birth control pills (OCP) with or without Lupron will have their stimulation postponed. Those patients can safely continue their OCP’s and stop their Lupron thereby preparing for their stimulated IVF treatment once conditions change.
All stimulated IVF patients who have started their Stop Lupron protocol should stop their Lupron as they will not be stimulated until conditions change.

Frozen Thaw Embryo Transfer Patients (FET):

All patients currently in cycle who have started progesterone and have a planned FET date will have the option to proceed with treatment if they wish. The option of cancelling the FET and postponing treatment exists.
Patients in a medicated FET cycle on estrogen whose FET’s fall during the week of 3/23-27 will have the option of undergoing FET or postponing treatment.
After 3/27, no embryo transfers will be permitted until further notice and those patients should speak with their IVF coordinator.
For patients wanting to start a medicated FET cycle, please call your IVF coordinator. Most of these patients can be easily placed on hold using OCP’s to prepare for FET once conditions change.

All intrauterine insemination (IUI) patients:

All IUI cycles will be cancelled now.

Endometrial Receptivity Assay (ERA) cycles:

Patients already on estrogen and progesterone with a scheduled ERA will be allowed to proceed with the ERA.
ERA patients only on estrogen only will be postponed. Such patients will be instructed by their IVF coordinator.

Obstetrical Sonograms:

We will perform obstetrical sonograms until the patient is ready to be referred to her obstetrician.
Blood monitoring for obstetrical patients will continue until the patient has been weaned off her estrogen.

Consultations (new patients and existing)

Effective 3/19, all patient consults will be by phone.

Sonograms and SonoHSG:

Effective 3/19, all are cancelled until conditions change.

Semen Analysis:

All Semen analysis will be cancelled after 3/20.

Dominion Fertility continues to monitor real-time expert recommendations from the CDC and ASRM and we may continue to modify our operations as needed.

Again, we ask all of our patients to call us for any questions. We sincerely appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.

Michael DiMattina, M.D.
Medical Director, Dominion Fertility

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