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Become An Egg Donor At Dominion

Become a Dominion Egg Donor

Deciding to donate your eggs can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Being able to help another woman from her family is no small undertaking. We value our egg donors and the sacrifice they make to help another woman and we compensate you for your time and efforts. It is because of your unselfish gift, that a woman will fulfill her goal to become a mother and we truly appreciate you doing this for her.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I donated my eggs at Dominion Fertility, but it was easier and more rewarding than I ever could have imagined. I hope I get selected again by a couple.”

— Maureen, 23, Washington D.C.

Why Donate With Dominion Fertility?

Competitive Compensation

Dominion Egg Donors are Compensated Well for their Donation

Knowledgeable Support Team

Work with a knowledgeable and experienced team that supports you every step of the way ensuring your egg donation journey is seamless

Help a Loving Family Grow

Dominion Egg Donors give the life-changing gift of parenthood to a loving individual or couple looking to grow.

Become An Egg Donor

Apply & Meet

Apply online, it’s easy!

  • We will contact you once we receive your application.
  • If eligible, consult with us.
  • You’ll get to ask questions, learn more, and complete some simple testing.
  • You’ll also earn $50 for your participation.

Accept & Donate

If you get accepted into the program, you will earn $250.

Complete an egg donation cycle and earn $9,700. (You can also earn another $10,000 for completing an additional cycle.)

Start Your Egg Donor Journey & Help A Loving Family

Egg Donor Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment for egg donation?

Once you are selected by one of our patients, your time commitment is approximately one menstrual cycle. There are multiple ultrasound monitoring appointments which can be arranged as early as 7 AM. Every effort is made to accommodate your schedule.

What characteristics are you looking for in a donor?

We are currently seeking a wide range of donors to provide a variety of options for our patients. Previous pregnancy (whether carried to term or not) is a plus.

Will I have to undergo surgery?

The procedure to retrieve eggs is simple and done in the office. The eggs are retrieved vaginally by needle biopsy, under a light anesthetic. You will need to arrange for someone to give you a ride home on retrieval day.

Will I still be about to have children after egg donation?

Yes. Human females produce millions of eggs in a lifetime, and even repeated use of fertility drugs will not “use up” your egg supply. Many donors participate in the egg donation program more than once, then go on to have children of their own.

What if the cycle fails before my eggs are donated?

You will be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis for your time calculated upon the number of days of stimulatory medications taken during the cycle.

Will I be told anything about the outcome of the egg donation procedure?

No. Strict patient confidentiality will be observed. The patient couple will not be told your name or any other identifying information, and you will not be told anything about them, including whether or not a pregnancy resulted from your egg donation.

What is the amount of reimbursement?

Our donors receive a total of $10,000.

Will I have to claim taxes on the money I receive?

Yes. Dominion Fertility will send you a 1099-NEC form.

Testimonials From Our Egg Donors

“I am so happy I decided to become an egg donor. It was easier than I thought it would be and I could do it all while working and no one even knew that I was going through it. My life didn’t skip a beat.”

Dominion Fertility Egg Donors
Amy, 27

“The nurses at Dominion Fertility were the best! They helped me every step of the way and made the whole process of egg donation so easy. I am definitely going to do it again.”

Dominion Fertility Egg Donors
Lisa, 26 - Arlington, VA

“I have donated my eggs two times at Dominion Fertility and the second time was even easier than the first! The feeling is great, not to mention it helps me out financially while I am getting my Master’s Degree.”

Dominion Fertility Egg Donors
Kelly, 26 - Arlington, VA

“Becoming an egg donor at Dominion Fertility was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, not to mention I felt like I was helping someone else out who really needed it!”

Dominion Fertility Egg Donors
Sheila, 23