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What Is Donor Egg or egg donation?

Egg donation provides a remarkable opportunity for individuals and couples facing challenges with egg quality or quantity to achieve pregnancy. This process involves collecting mature eggs from a donor, fertilizing them with sperm (either from the male intended parent or an anonymous donor), and implanting the resulting embryos into the intended mother's uterus. In some cases, the embryos are transferred to a gestational carrier who will carry the pregnancy to term.

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Why Choose Donor Eggs to Build Your Family?

There are many different reasons someone might choose to use donor eggs. Many women who have medical conditions like premature ovarian failure, early menopause, recurrent miscarriage, or cancer treatments like chemotherapy choose donor eggs. Some choose donor eggs after a history of failed IVF cycles using their own eggs. Donor eggs also make it possible for LGBTQ+ couples and individuals to build their families.

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High-Quality, Thoroughly Vetted Egg Donors

At Dominion Fertility, we partner with Pinnacle Egg Bank for our donor egg program. Pinnacle Egg Bank provides intended parents access to high-quality, affordable, and readily available fresh and frozen donor eggs. For our patients, our partnership with Pinnacle Egg Bank offers:

A Diverse Donor Pool: By using Pinnacle Egg Bank, you gain access to an extensive range of donors from various backgrounds. This diversity ensures that you can find the perfect match for your family.
Transparency and Support: We believe in full transparency. Each donor's detailed profile includes health history, educational background, and personal information, helping you make an informed decision.
Advanced Screening Processes: Pinnacle Egg Bank is dedicated to providing the healthiest and highest quality eggs, and their rigorous screening processes test for genetic disorders and other health issues, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

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