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Why Choose Donor Eggs to Build Your Family?

There are many different reasons someone might choose to use anonymous donor eggs. Many women who have medical conditions like premature ovarian failure, early menopause, recurrent miscarriage, or cancer treatments like chemotherapy choose donor eggs.

Additionally, some women choose donor eggs after a history of failed IVF cycles using their own eggs.

Most patients achieve a successful pregnancy following one egg retrieval and one or two embryo transfers. Additionally, all of the eggs from your selected donor are dedicated to you, which increases your chance of becoming pregnant.

Build Your Family Through Donor Egg IVF At Dominion Fertility

Using Donor Egg IVF at Dominion Fertility

We Personally Screen all of Our Donors

At Dominion Fertility we recruit and screen our own egg donors.

All of our egg donors are healthy and highly motivated women between the ages of 21 and 29. These women undergo a thorough screening process before they are listed in our Egg Donor Catalog.

The screening process is in accordance with FDA Guidelines and includes:

Evaluation by a physician
Counseling by a Psychologist about being an egg donor
Genetic screening
Evaluation for sexually transmitted infections

If you have any questions, we are always willing to help. We will walk you through the selection process, help you through your treatment, and monitor the early stages of your pregnancy.

Fertility Preservation For Cancer
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Financial Guarantee Program

Some couples prefer to choose a Gestational Surrogate that they know well – such as a relative or friend.

Other couples prefer to choose a Gestational Surrogate from our pre-screened surrogates. In these cases, our surrogate is usually compensated for her time and energy.

In either case, prior to any IVF treatment, we thoroughly screen our surrogate according to ASRM guidelines. Secondly, the ideal Gestational Surrogate is a woman who has already had a previous uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery.

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At Dominion Fertility we recruit and screen our own egg donors. Before they are listed in our Egg Donor Catalog, these young women have met with one of physicians and have already been counseled by a Psychologist about being an egg donor. Additional genetic and general health screening has also been completed as well as an initial evaluation for sexually transmitted infections in accordance with FDA Guidelines.

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Frozen Donor Eggs

Another option for those looking to use an egg donor to build their family are frozen donor eggs. Intended parents can find frozen donor eggs through a reputable egg bank.

Our Preferred Egg Bank Partner

A Wide Variety of High-Quality Frozen Donor Eggs

Pinnacle Egg Bank

Pinnacle Egg Bank provides intended parents access to high-quality, affordable, and readily available frozen donor eggs. Through a thorough and meticulous recruitment, review, and approval process, Pinnacle Egg Bank ensures a wide variety of egg donors from all ethnicities with extraordinary qualities and diversity, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients. With their unyielding dedication to providing top-notch care and empathy, Pinnacle Egg Bank is a trustworthy partner throughout the entire journey towards parenthood.

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