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Can I Choose The Sex Of My Baby?

Gender is determined at the moment of fertilization.

An egg only has an X chromosome. Sperm can have either an X or a Y chromosome. So, if a sperm bearing an X chromosome penetrates the egg, the embryo is a female. If the sperm bears a Y chromosome, the embryo is a male.

This event is random and the sex ratio of females to males conceived is fairly even.Several techniques exist that can enhance the likelihood that a couple will conceive a child with the desired gender. These techniques will be discussed later on this page.

Medical authorities have differing opinions on the ethics of gender selection. Some authorities consider it unethical except in cases where a couple runs a high risk of having a child with an inheritable medical disease. Other authorities support the use of gender selection when a couple has at least one child but wants to limit their family size and desires a child of the opposite gender.

Sex Selection: Discover Your Options

IVF & PGT for Family-Balancing (Sex Selection)

The gender of a child can also be selected using IVF and Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT).

For those interested in family-balancing (sex selection), we offer IVF with PGT-A which does not "choose" the gender but rather reveals it. Most infertility patients doing IVF choose to utilize PGT-A as a part of their treatment plan. Through PGT-A, the sex of the embryos are identified and can be known for those interested. Patients are able to choose which healthy, viable embryo they would prefer to transfer in the hopes of achieving a successful pregnancy.

If a couple with normal fertility wants gender selection it is important for them to understand it is not covered by insurance and there is no guarantee that healthy, viable embryos of the desired sex will develop. Although we typically see an equal male to female ratio of developing embryos in patient cycles. Disposition of unused embryos must be discussed prior to undergoing treatment.

Couples who elect to pursue IVF and PGT for gender selection often do so to prevent genetically inheritable medical diseases, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, from occurring in their children.

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