Fertility Preservation For Cancer
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Fertility Preservation For Cancer

Which Treatments Will My Fertility Specialist Recommend?

Every cancer patient faces unique decisions about their treatments and their family planning options. Our doctors will work with you to find the specific, individualized treatment just for you.

Many factors influence fertility, and cancer treatments add to that list. Many aspects of your cancer treatment plan (for example, the type of chemotherapy or the location of your radiation treatments) will play a role in your future fertility.

Some couples or individuals may elect to pursue freezing embryos created with IVF instead of freezing unfertilized eggs. Your doctor can discuss the options with you in depth.

Fertility & Cancer: Discover Your Options

We Will Work to Expedite Your Fertility Care

First and foremost, we want you to have the best possible treatment for your cancer. To ensure that you get the treatment you need as quickly as possible, we will expedite your fertility treatments with our medical team.

Consultations are available with our doctors immediately, and most services can be completed in 2–4 weeks.

Fertility Preservation For Cancer
Fertility Preservation For Cancer

Life After Cancer Program

Preserve Your Eggs or Embryos at a Significant Discount

We at Dominion Fertility know that cancer impacts every aspect of your life, including your fertility and family planning.

With that in mind, we created the Life After Cancer Program, a program that offers a significant discount to women who want to preserve their eggs or embryos before undergoing cancer treatments that threaten their fertility.

Recent advances in egg cryopreservation (freezing) techniques mean that women now have the option to preserve their eggs for the future. Women with a partner may elect to cryopreserve embryos instead of eggs allowing them to pursue parenting at a future date or through the use of a gestational carrier.

When You Are Ready For a Family, We Are Your Advocate

There are other decisions you, your oncologist, and your fertility specialist will need to discuss.

These decisions might includeWhether it is advisable for you to carry a pregnancy in the future
The time frame you and your oncologist are comfortable waiting to postpone your cancer treatment to pursue your fertility options
The effect, if any, a specific fertility treatment might have on some conditions

Fertility Preservation For Cancer
Fertility Preservation

you are the priority

Fertility preservation in the face of a diagnosis of cancer can generate a host of strong emotions. We will work along with your cancer specialist to ensure that your cancer treatment and cure remain the highest priority.

For patients diagnosed with estrogen-sensitive cancer (such as breast cancer), we can discuss options to reduce hormone exposure during your treatment cycle, such as the use of aromatase inhibitors like letrozole.