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Since 2012, we have implemented a “freeze all” policy for our IVF program. All embryos are now transferred as frozen-thawed embryos outside of the stimulation cycle as this has been shown to significantly increase pregnancy rates. Dominion Fertility is a major PGT center and the vast majority of our patients use PGT to further increase their chances for success with stimulated IVF.

Using IVF and PGT, most of our patients are pregnant after only 1 or 2 frozen embryo transfers. Our multiple pregnancy rate is 1%, 5 times lower than the national average.


of successful single live births from an intended egg retrieval on the first embryo transfer from women <35


of live births that had successfully come to Term (37 weeks after pregnancy) for women under 41.

Under 2.8%

of live births that are very pre-term (under 32 weeks of pregnancy).

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Dominion Fertility Success Rates

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We are very proud of our success rates here at Dominion Fertility and are deeply grateful to all of our patients for trusting us throughout their fertility journey. Since 1987, we’ve worked hard to provide patients with many options that are not readily available at other clinics.

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In 2007 we moved to a “freeze-all” method for our Stimulated Cycle IVF. We also implement preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) into our testing process, which tests cells from embryos for genetic diseases and chromosomal disorders. Including PGT early on in the process ensures the greatest chance of success.

Dominion Fertility Success Rates
Dominion Fertility Success Rates

Success in Single Embryo Transfer

IVF clinics report their success rates to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and SART (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies). The live birth rate for IVF/FET cycles with PGT is significantly higher as women increase in age. This large increase in success draws many women above age 38 to this particular fertility treatment.

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At Dominion Fertility, your success is our success and nothing makes us happier than helping you become pregnant and have a healthy baby. It is our mission to see your goal of becoming a parent through to the end.

Dominion Fertility Success Rates
Dominion Fertility Success Rates

For more statistics, please go to the SART Website

Importantly, please use the filters on their website. You may find the SART format confusing and difficult to navigate.

SART lumps all IVF cycles together including stimulated and unstimulated cycles together as if they are one and the same. The filters must be applied in order to separate out the different types of IVF treatments that we offer at Dominion Fertility. Note that all of our stimulated IVF patients undergo frozen-thawed embryo transfer which results in higher pregnancy rates. Also, almost all of our patients use PGT which further increases success rates.

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