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Grow Your Family - Fertility 101

Free Fertility & IVF Webinar

Join us for a 1-hour Fertility 101 webinar with a Reproductive Physician to learn more about:

  • Causes of Infertility & other reasons why you may be having trouble getting pregnant
  • The newest fertility medicines and treatment options
  • Dominion Fertility’s services including: IUI, IVF, Donor Egg, Donor Sperm, Genetic Testing, and more
  • Dominion Fertility’s personalized approach to patient care
  • Our dedication to your success and our success rates
  • Q/A with our board-certified reproductive physicians

Exclusive Webinar Attendee Benefit

Thank you for considering Dominion Fertility as your partner in your journey toward growing your family. We understand that choosing the right clinic is a significant decision, and we're honored that you're exploring your options with us.

As a token of our gratitude for your interest and to make your decision easier, we are thrilled to extend an exclusive offer to our webinar attendees. Webinar attendees will receive a complimentary new patient consultation with Dr. Tamar Matitashvili, a leading fertility expert, valued at $435. This is a unique opportunity to discuss your path to parenthood, explore your options, and receive personalized advice at no cost.

Please Note:
This special offer is available exclusively to new patients who have never been seen at Dominion Fertility before. If you have previously attended any appointments, consultations, or undergone treatments with us, we appreciate your continued trust, but this offer will not be applicable.

Don't miss this chance to take the first step towards your dream of family with expert guidance and support from Dr. Tamar Matitashvili. Your journey to parenthood starts here, and we're excited to be a part of it.

About The Webinar

This webinar is led by a Dominion Fertility Physician. Other members of our knowledgeable and compassionate team like Nursing, Embryology and other healthcare professionals may participate in the webinar too. Please bring any questions you have regarding fertility treatment and our physician will be happy to address your individual concerns. Thank you!

Presented by our reproductive physician

Dr. Tamar Matitashvili

Dr. Tamar Matitashvili joined Dominion Fertility in 2023 after completing her fellowship training at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine/Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA. She is passionate about women’s health and is dedicated to empowering individuals and couples through education.

She describes her approach to caring for patients as innovative, complex, and rewarding. Dr. Tamar Matitashvili understands that every journey to parenthood is different and prides herself in her ability to connect, understand and fight for her patients with the utmost respect and care.

Dr. Tamar Matitashvili
Dr. Tamar Matitashvili
Fertility Specialist - Dr. Tamar Matitashvili